Next Steps

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The Explore area of the website sets out why we urgently need to replace the subject-based approach to children’s learning with a life-based approach.

Our message about life-based learning is aimed at:

  • parents looking for a better future for their children
  • educationists eager to develop a curriculum that meets our future needs
  • people from all walks of life who see connections to their work and life interests
  • decision-makers eager to build a better and brighter future

In other words — you.

The Participate area of the site provides opportunities for you to help us spread the message about a life-based approach to learning.

Our aim is to organise these opportunities at different levels — from a simple show of support by joining the forum, to activities that involve as much time and expertise as you wish to commit.

We look forward to you joining us and perhaps engaging with one or more of the ways you can lend us your support.

Our curriculum development work, in particular, requires your help. We have already drafted a framework for life-based learning called the Merged Action Curriculum.

We would especially like to hear from teachers, academics and people who can see connections to their work for children. Your help is essential in carrying the life-based learning message forward.


Click here for opportunities to participate in the work of the Forum