Merged Action Curriculum

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Our example of life-based learning is the Merged Action Curriculum.

MAC sets out a new approach to learning for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The MAC curriculum is based on the three areas of life:

  • Self
  • Society
  • World

Like the National Curriculum in England, MAC is information-led. Unlike the National Curriculum, the MAC information opens up the curriculum to many new concepts, attitudes, values and skills for young children to learn and adopt in new and exciting ways.

Michael Mac


MAC organises learning into three life areas

  • The person as an individual in their own right looking after themselves
  • The person as a member of diverse, historical communities interacting with others
  • The person as a member of a living, material world living sustainably

MAC’s three life areas

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Children learn about — and actively engage in — looking after themselves

An Urgent Priority

Crucial to human life and living is the ability to interact positively with others

Adding Value

Learning to live in harmony with the planet – stewardship of, rather than dominion over, its resources

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