The purpose of this page is to collect together key documents relating to the curriculum for children aged 5 to 11. It also hosts documents in the public domain such as reports and surveys that include information relevant to the debate about how and what we need to be teaching children.

As the concept of life-based learning originates in Britain, the example of subject-based learning we are using is the National Curriculum in England at key stages 1 & 2 (the 5-11 age range).

We are keen to add relevant links to information about other curriculums operating around the world. Contact us here.

Official Curriculum Documents (UK)

Please forward copies, from your own country, of subject-based curriculums for children around 5 to 11 years of age.

Life-Based Learning


The documents below relate primarily to the Body, Emotions and Mind learning themes.

Prince’s Trust report on mental health

The Prince’s Trust Tesco Youth Index 2021


The documents below relate primarily to the Communication, Relationships and Community learning themes.


The documents below relate primarily to the Plant Life, Animal Life and Physical World learning themes.

New Thinking

The book Potential Development Using Thinking Tools: The Key to Flipped Teaching by Dr Cas Olivier [available here and on Amazon Books] is a must-read for teacher trainees and teachers responsible for the method and practice of teaching in their schools.

Thinking tools serve as thinking scaffolds which guide learners towards self-regulated learning steered by metacognition.

In the life-based approach to learning, the Mind Theme is one of nine equal-priority learning themes through which all subject learning is channelled. Teachers teaching the way the brain works is crucial.