Community: Enquiry

Image by TheoRivierenlaan from Pixabay

What impact would it make to children’s learning if the usual educational meaning of ‘community’ were changed to one that includes the history of the local community in the context of the country’s national history.

Enquiry question

We invite classroom teachers, curriculum leaders, parents and other interested persons to give us feedback on our new life-based learning themes.

The Community learning domain [outlined in the proposed MAC learning programme] identifies four study action areas to develop learning in children.

  1. Britain’s culture – past and present*
  2. The school community
  3. The local community
  4. Responsible citizens

The key area of life is the individual’s interaction with other people. This is expressed in MAC as communication, relationships and community. MAC takes a wider view of what a child needs to learn about community than the usual learning applied to it. For children to grow up as participating members of their community and the wider society, children need to learn the history, social geography and citizenship of the community, society and country they are living in to bring greater meaning to their lives.

* The focus on Britain’s culture is only for schools in Britain.

Tell us what you think

Your views will help us develop life-based learning.