Communication: Enquiry

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

What impact would it make on learning if the focus were on communication in all its aspects and not just on (i) the language of the country and (ii) mathematics (as is the case with the National Curriculum in England, for example)?

Enquiry question

We invite classroom teachers, curriculum leaders, parents and other interested persons to give us feedback on our new life-based learning themes.

The Communication learning domain [outlined in the proposed MAC learning programme] identifies four study action areas to develop learning in children.

  1. Developing verbal communication skills
  2. Developing reading, writing and numeracy skills
  3. Communication through the expressive arts
  4. The environmental impact on communication

The dictionary defines communication as ‘the exchange of information between two people’. This information is communicated to and from people through dance, music, art and drama; signs and symbols; images and writing; face to face; and through different media — phone, video, podcasts, webinars, radio, television and film.

MAC encourages and celebrates each and every way that communication skills are developed in children, helping them both to communicate effectively and to appreciate the communication of others. This approach to learning enhances language learning and the learning of mathematics.

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Your views will help us develop life-based learning.