Natalie Reeves Billing

About Natalie

Natalie promotes the concept of community through enriched reading and learning systems, using creativity and storytelling as a tool for healing, learning, and personal growth.

Her mission is to achieve a fairer kinder world.

Natalie is an established children’s author, storyteller, musician, songwriter, social entrepreneur and workshop provider on Merseyside, UK – bringing a imaginative and thought creation perspective to learning.

About the Author. Natalie Reeves Billing is a Liverpool lass with a wicked sense of humour. She writes fantastical stories for young audiences and dabbles in poetry and fiction. Natalie enjoys map making, pranking people, and munching on jelly beans. She lives in an old farmhouse in Merseyside [UK] with her husband, children, and fluffy dog, Scoobs. She

Natalie Reeves Billing

Her vision is of a world where education is free and accessible for all children across the globe, regardless of learning barriers or socio-economic factors. She believes that social enterprise is our best chance of creating a fairer, kinder world.

Links with LBL

Natalie brings a creating perspective to the LBL Communication Theme. Her books are more than entertaining reading. For example, The Monstrous Me, Mummy is a Monster, and Daddy is a Monster are book series looking at the same situation from different viewpoints providing points for discussion through which children understand people have different perspectives.

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