Challenges Unmet

We believe that teaching subjects in the traditional way, as separate subjects, fails to meet the challenges of the modern world. Learning a collection of disparate, compartmentalised subjects is no longer fit for purpose.

There are many reasons why the subject-driven approach to learning for children aged 5 to 11 is no longer a positive model.

Michael Mac

Many countries around the world organise learning as a number of discrete subjects to be taught to 5- to 11-year old children.

The life-based approach to learning and the idea for the Forum originated in Britain. This is why the example of subject-based learning the Forum uses is the National Curriculum in England. We can use the National Curriculum to make comparisons with the curriculum approach used by other countries and to make judgements about whether the deficiencies of the subject-based approach to learning are similar across the world.

A failed approach

Here are six reasons why the subject-based approach does not meet the demands of the modern world. Click on the individual links to read more.

The subject approach for young children is:


What is a life-based approach to learning? How does it differ from a subject-based approach?