Benefits of Life-Based Learning

Photo by Kuanish Reymbaev on Unsplash

A life-based learning curriculum enables, enriches and enlightens. It ensures that children learn about themselves, about their place in the wider community and about the physical world they inhabit.

A life-based curriculum adds value to children’s learning. It rearranges the curriculum into life-based themes that reflect the urgent personal, social and environmental issues that confront us all.

We need children to be prepared for life in modern world, better equipped personally, better equipped to contribute socially and better equipped to live sustainably.

Michael Mac

Individual life-based learning outcomes

  1. Children are fitter and healthier
  2. Emotional resilience is increased
  3. Children’s brains are unlocked

Social life-based learning outcomes

  1. Communication with others is improved
  2. Confident and lasting relationships are formed
  3. Community and society is put at the heart of learning

Environmental life-based learning outcomes

  1. Respect for and relevance of plant life is promoted
  2. Animal life in all its varieties is valued and looked after
  3. Our planet’s finite resources are sustainably managed


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