Animal Life: Enquiry

Image by Steve Raubenstine from Pixabay

Should children by the age of 11, or younger, learn about industrial mass livestock farming and what purpose would such learning serve?  

Enquiry question

We invite classroom teachers, curriculum leaders, parents and other interested persons to give us feedback on our new life-based learning themes.

The Animal Life learning domain [outlined in the proposed MAC learning programme] identifies four study action areas to help children understand the importance of animal life to humans:

  1. All about animals
  2. The importance of animals to human life
  3. Threats to animal environments, wellbeing and survival
  4. Living sustainably

MAC prioritises learning about animals. It focuses on the value of animals to humanity and aims to foster in children the need to preserve animal diversity, protect animal habitats and manage the use of animals in sustainable ways to the mutual benefit of humans and the planet. Children learn how animals feature in their lives; the importance of animals to them; and develop geographical and scientific knowledge and skills as part of their learning.

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