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Welcome to the Forum for Life-Based Learning.

We are looking to enlist individuals in the UK and across the world — people such as you, in fact — who are intrigued by the possibility of adopting a new, life-based approach to children’s learning.

In one country after another — particularly in the developed world — children are taught via discrete subjects such as language, mathematics, science, history and geography, music, art, computing and so on. These subjects are largely disconnected from each other and fail to address the urgent challenges thrown up by today’s complex, interconnected and fast-moving world.

We offer a development of the subject approach called life-based learning specifically for children around the ages of 5 to 11. This age range coincides with the author’s experience of the subject-based approach to learning adopted by the National Curriculum in England for primary schools. The life-based learning approach is compellingly applicable to the arrangements for learning in your own country for children in the same approximate age range.

The life-based approach structures learning through nine themes. These themes comprehensively support children with new understanding and skills to help them enjoy a happy, healthy and fulfilling childhood. The nine themes also prepare children to make a positive contribution as adults in tackling the urgent social and environmental challenges that face us all across the planet.

Children learn the traditional subjects through the nine themes. The themes bring greater meaning to learning. Through improved engagement in learning the uptake of subject knowledge and skills is improved.

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